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Sen. Manning’s Narcan bill saves lives

Sen. Manning Sheriff Ridealong

The Morning Journal recently profiled Senator Gayle Manning and talked about her legislation, Senate Bill 57, which created a pilot project in Lorain County so police can now administer Narcan like paramedics can.  As the Chronicle-Telegram reports below, Senator Manning’s bill is saving lives.

Since taking office in 2011, Manning, a retired educator, has actively worked to ensure postsecondary education options and transportation funding remained available in the state.

Apart from those efforts, however, Manning said she is most proud of her involvement with the passage of Senate Bill 57, known as the Narcan Bill.

The bill, signed by Gov. John Kasich in July, grants law officials the ability to carry and use a nasal spray (called Narcan) on individuals overdosing on narcotics.

“Up until a couple years ago, I didn’t realize the difficulties our county was having with drug overdoses,” Manning said. “It’s just terrible. I’m most proud of my involvement with Senate Bill 57 because through it, lives have been saved.”

Narcan is a non-addictive treatment for people overdosing on narcotics and has already been credited with saving lives.  The Chronicle-Telegram wrote about one such example:

On Tuesday afternoon, [Narcan] may have helped [police] save a young woman’s life.

Lorain police Officer Bill Lachner received a call around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday of a 21-year-old woman unconscious due to a possible overdose on the 2300 block of East 29th Street.

Lachner said that the woman’s mother was performing CPR on her daughter on the balcony of their apartment.

Lachner and Officer Bryant Halsey arrived at the house, prepared with the Narcan kit and found the woman unconscious on the balcony with marks across her arms, evidence of heroin use, Lachner said. Since the two officers were the first responders at the scene, they had to administer the Narcan nasal spray immediately.

Lachner said the woman regained consciousness quickly and began waving her arms in confusion.

As the Morning Jounral previously reported, Narcan is an important tool to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and buy the person time to get to a hospital.

“It would be a tragedy not to save lives right here in Lorain County when the resources are quite possibly right at our finger tips,” Senator Manning stated.  […]

The hope is a successful program in Lorain County will lead to a statewide rollout of the change, Manning said previously.

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