Upgrading Infrastructure, Creating Northeast Ohio Jobs

As Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, Senator Manning guided the $7.6 billion budget plan through the legislature. As part of this initiative, Manning made it her mission to protect the state’s ownership in the Ohio Turnpike, one of Northeast Ohio’s greatest assets, while also working to leverage the highway’s value in order to fund much-needed infrastructure projects in the area. Ailing roadways like State Route 57 in Elyria and Center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville will both be made high priorities by this funding.

Local Job Training

Senator Manning worked to advance local job training efforts through the biennial state budget by securing $950,000 to purchase high-tech training equipment at Lorain County Community College. This program will help Northeast Ohioans find work in manufacturing as well as the state’s growing oil and natural gas industries.

Fighting SIDS

Congenital Heart Defects are the number-one killer of infants with birth defects in the United States. Unfortunately, many parents don’t learn of their child’s condition until its too late. Senator Manning’s new plan institutes an extremely cost effective, routine test to detect problems before a newborn even leaves the hospital to help prevent many of these tragic deaths.

Protecting Our Children

Keeping our children safe from predators could not be more important. That is why when Ohio’s old child enticement statute was found to be unenforceable, Senator Manning immediately sponsored an initiative to tighten up the law and keep those who wish harm on our young people accountable for their actions.

Combating Lorain County Drug Overdoses

Northeast Ohio has seen a recent wave of increased drug overdose deaths. This is a problem our local law enforcement are fighting every day, but what many don’t know is there are drugs available that have the power to reverse opioid-related overdoses. Senator Manning led the charge in creating a pilot project in Lorain County to study if putting this tool into the hands of law enforcement can save lives in our community and give those involved a second chance at life.

Supporting School Safety

Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many communities wished to create a local levy to raise money for increased security at their local schools. Unfortunately, Ohio law didn’t allow communities to create a levy simply for that purpose, so Senator Manning authored an initiative which eliminated that blockade and gave school districts additional discretion in choosing the best way to keep children safe.

Senator Manning also led the charge to create a $12 million grant program to give schools the funding they need to upgrade the security features of our school buildings.

Supporting Early Childhood Initiatives

A former 3rd grade teacher, Senator Manning also worked on important early childhood programs, including obtaining $100,000 to preserve Lorain County’s “Ready, Set, Go… to Kindergarten” program.